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Internet Access:

Think you might want to send family and friends an email about your vacation, include a couple of photos to show the fantastic scenery, or even occasionally keep in touch with the real world by browsing the web?  Thanks to modern technology it's all possible aboard Scorpio, all you need is your WIFI enabled laptop and you are set.  Don't worry even if you don't want to bring your own laptop, we will provide one for you to use and no need to worry about connection cables either - Scorpio has its own WIFI network so we get the internet access and all you do is connect to our dedicated network - simple!

We cannot guarrantee internet access in every anchorage you will visit, some are quite remote - that's part of their attraction.  However most of the time we will be able to get you connected.

The Technical Bit:

Scorpio is equipped with a long range, omnidirectional antenna/signal amplifier to allow us to pick up available WIFI internet access.  In many of the more popular harbours and anchorages WIFI signals are beamed out to the yachts and can be subscribed to for a small fee, normally about $15/day and sometimes these services are even free.

Failing the availability of a WIFI signal we can also use our quad-band GSM mobile phone link which is set-up to provide a GPRS (or the faster EDGE technology, where available) modem computer link to the net.  Although this is not a free service you pay only for the MB's you download and/or send, not for the amount of time you are connected to the web.

Neither of these methods provide broadband access speeds, however they are fast enough (normally 100+ Mbps) to send emails or for checking out a few sites on the internet.

If all else fails we can always manage to send an email (though text only, no attachments) via our SSB (long range) radio link.  This is slow but its a great fall-back if needed. We have to use our on-board computer and "SailMail" internet address to do this.